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Unsurprisingly, I love Christmas carols in (or partially in) a minor key, most notably:

Carol of the Bells
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Christmas Eve Sarajevo (12/24) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is a rock combination of the two above
O Holy Night
Fum, Fum, Fum
Stille Nacht arrangement of Silent Night by Mannheim Steamroller

Also, the entirety of the Bing Crosby White Christmas album. (Even though not all of it is in a minor key). That is what I listen to on Christmas Eve, no exceptions. It's a nostalgia thing.

And it seems like every year there's one song I hear more than the others, which then becomes my Christmas song of the year, even if it's not one of my perennial favorites. I really should keep a list, since it's kind of interesting. Some years this was one of the songs we sang in our school holiday program or one I discovered for the first time that year, like I remember learning The First Noel in first grade and then Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Angels We Have Heard on High in second. Last year was All I Want For Christmas Is You for the number of times I heard it (and performed it at that random Christmas party with Amy) and how it fit in with flying across the globe (to a place with no snow!) to see Robert. I'm not sure what this year is yet, so far Jingle Bell Rock seems to be in the lead for how many times I've randomly heard it this year, though there's really no other significance besides that.

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