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My bedtime routine has gotten much shorter since I started showering in the morning. However, it still consists of:

1) Do daily calisthenic routine (200 crunches, 100 leg-lifts, some squats and lunges), usually while watching YouTube videos or the tail end of a movie or TV show or something Robert and I are watching.

2) Put on pajamas.

3) Brush teeth and put in retainer.

4) Wash face and apply acne spot treatment if necessary.

5) Take hair down if it was up or somehow bound.

6) Set alarm for the next day if it's a worknight.

7) Turn on the fan (air circulation for Robert and ambient noise for me), turn out the lights, kiss Robert if he's available, and get in bed.

Not always in this exact order, but generally the exercises come first and the bed part comes last :-P

I am a slave to routine to the point of near compulsion, meaning if I don't get all of these things done I will fixate on what I missed, possibly to the point of insanity. (Frankly I'm still surprised how I manage to fall asleep without having showered, after that having been a requirement for a good decade or so. I try not to think too hard about it). For example, I don't know if the bigger motivator to brush my teeth and wear my retainer every night is the oral health or just not being able to fall asleep obsessing about how I haven't. And I have some pretty nice abs to show for getting myself to the point of being compelled to exercise each night before bed. Pretty genius move on my part, if I do say so myself :-P

And now speaking of my bedtime routine . . .
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