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Considering most movie adaptations butcher their source material, I think I'd rather spare the few of my favorites that haven't had the Hollywood treatment. But I suppose it's just a matter of time. I'm actually kind of surprised they haven't begun some CGI-tastic Redwall franchise yet. And while as a kid we had some animated VHS versions of Beatrix Potter stories (which were basically just moving versions of her actual illustrations, with the narration and dialogue exactly the same-- the way a book-to-movie adaptation should work, IMO) I'm still waiting for the hypermarketed Peter Rabbit with a big name voice actor and Happy Meal toys.

Or perhaps Michael Bay directs Pat the Bunny. The bunny will be an alien robot and Judy will have double-D breasts and be perpetually soaked or greasy and leaning against a car.

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I'm not sure the absolute longest, but it was certainly multiple hours. The one time I flew from the San Francisco airport I had to wait over two hours in the security line alone. They always recommend you arrive two hours before your flight, and I guess the San Francisco airport is why; I checked in more than two hours before my flight, but at the end of that line I had to run to catch my plane!

For a Harry Potter book release I waited 6 hours, but I wasn't in line the entire time, just captive in the bookstore.

Though any time I've had to wait more than two hours, you can be sure I was waiting with friends who could hold my place in line for me to duck out and use the bathroom, otherwise that shit was not happening.

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If we're talking literally timeless, as in it has actually been around forever, I'm going with a skirt or dress/tunic. Or whatever you would call it the first time someone thought to wrap a skin or some grasses around themselves to hide their private bits. "A good pair of jeans"? Several millennia of human civilization laughs at the hubris of a garment not yet 200 years old.
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